The word meaning “yoga” means something that “brings you to reality”. In the literal sense, it means “union”. “Union” in this context means union of the self with reality. It is a systematical practice of breath control, diet, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking which aims at creating a harmony between body, mind and nature. This article tries to explore how practising yoga can help you transform your web design malaysia lifestyle.


In today’s fast-moving world, it is very easy to fall prey to pressure and impossible expectations. The fear of losing out and lack of self-awareness adds on to the problems which create stress. Practising yoga can help with reducing the impact of stress on a physical as well as on the psychological level. Cortisol or the stress hormone in the body is drastically reduced through meditation and relaxation methods taught in yoga.



Pain is inevitable, but the extent of the pain experienced can be reduced. It is achievable through regularly practising yoga. A combination of yogic postures and meditation helps in reducing the pain induced due to even chronic diseases like cancer, sclerosis, auto-immune conditions etcetera. It does not work its magic in the physical realm alone. Yoga helps in relieving oneself of emotional pain caused due heartbreak, death of a loved one and loss of any other sort.


Yoga helps in working out the core through the various postures and yogic exercises. It assists in reducing the cortisol level, thereby throwing away unwanted calories and stress out of your system. The discipline encourages health and controlled eating habits by promoting nutritious diet plans. Keeping a check on the eating habits will tone your body, thereby increasing your self-confidence and well-being.


Yoga helps in the increased flow of oxygenated blood throughout your body. It helps in cardiovascular benefits by lowering the heart rate to the desired level while resting. An increase in endurance and improved breathing levels is a direct result of the same. Yoga, as mentioned above, brings the self to reality, thereby appreciating the surroundings by being aware of what is happening around oneself. It will increase your concentration level. Yoga brings a balance in your coordination, concentration, memory and reaction time.


The unique benefits accruing out of practising yoga helps in healing both the mind and the body. This, in return, helps the practitioner of yoga to find peace in his being regardless of all the difficulties faced by him or her. Yoga heals the body through relaxing the mind. It is not wrong to say that the brain controls the body. It is a proven fact. Once the mind attains bliss through yoga and meditation, the body in return will be calm and free of stress and pain, ultimately gaining inner peace.