Family travelling is not just for fun; instead, it helps in bringing the family members closer to each other by building trust, unity and belongingness. Travelling with your loved ones will create a lot of memories which will last a lifetime. The experience will teach you as well as your kids about the diverse nature of the world we live in by exposing them to new cultures, thereby making them more accepting and open-minded. This article will show you a few of the American cities, which is suitable for family-friendly travel.


The fascinating thing about Chicago is the easy accessibility to anything and everything you need. It just takes about a five to six-minute walk time between every interesting site you aim to visit. The place is an entertainment hub for kids as it houses the legendary Lincoln Park Zoo, where you to see bear, hippopotamus, giraffe etcetera. Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum are also situated in Chicago.


It is one of the most affordable family vacation spots in the US. This marvellous city has a lot to offer from zoos to museums to kid-friendly pubs etcetera. Ralph C. Wilson Jr Explore and More Children’s Museum give a chance for the children to venture into kid-centric exploration. It also has a moving water exhibit which is a must-watch. The Buffalo Wing Trail offers breathing space for parents by providing them with a space to taste brewery which is locally produced while kids can go crazy on the best wings the city can offer.


This family-friendly travel city has the world-class Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It has its very own submarine which is open for tours. For the nature lovers, the Forest Park’s Lower Macleay Trail is a must-try. It is a five-mile trail where small animals and birds can be sighted. To make this trial even better, make a stop at the Portland Farmers Market, which provides delicious picnic items. People come from all parts to the Oregon zoo to see the different varieties of animals it houses; from Polar bears to Asian elephants to Lemurs etcetera.



Pittsburgh is lovingly called “KidsBURGH” because of its wide array of family-friendly sites and attractions. The giant T.Rex in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is awe-striking. It also has one of the best dinosaur collections in the world. The Duquesne Incline is the one ride you do not want to miss. This fascinating ride takes the guests to the top of Mount Washington. The century-old “roller coaster capital of the world” is something you want to check off your bucket list.